Lessons in Drama

So in the previous post, I've talked about my private little corner that I have been practicing and learning about lighting with one light. The biggest thing about my time so far, shooting in the studio is learning my gear and making use of what I have, which is one monobloc and one reflector. It is pretty easy to make the typical looking head shot as I have shown in my previous post. One large light overhead and a reflector under it in a clamshell formation.

It is one type of lighting and it is pretty easy to make someone look good with that. I am certainly more interested in dramatic and moody lighting though. Good thing I can shoot with HSS on the Jinbei HD610 as I do have a lot of natural light to negate.

Experimenting with light and reflector positioning has been so enjoyable. The results are not always great, but it is always great to try different things.

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