It has been a while... (Part 1)

Wow... 8 months since the last post! Work has been crazy and I have been doing loads with the image making, but it has been hard to keep up with the blog + facebook + instagram. 2017 has probably so far been the biggest year for me in terms of photography.

First things first, I have managed to secure a little corner in my friend's creative space to set up a little studio. I started off with just a portable background stand which I have to hang my grey pop-up background.

The setup was pretty basic but I think I have managed make full use of the equipment. Setting it up and shooting in the little corner has definitely did more for my portrait photography than anything I have ever tried before. Having just one monobloc (the Jinbei HD610) coupled with a large Godox octabox was great as it allowed me to really push and learn how to use one light and a reflector to light my headshots.

I am very glad that I am using the Jinbei HD610 because the length of the studio space means I don't have much distance between the subject and the background to play with. The space is also light filled from overhead windows. Having high speed sync capabilities meant that I could really push the shutter speed and use a grid on the monobloc to black out the grey background.

After having shot a few subjects over a few months and learning more and more, I decided to spruce up the little space that I have so that I can have more options with backgrounds. I decided to build a DIY background holder so that I can have multiple coloured paper backgrounds to use. A quick trip to the local hardware store and having spent less than $100, I now have this!

The planks of wood with hooks are enough to hold half-width Savage paper backgrounds which I will get at my local photo equipment shop. Am definitely looking forward to shooting in this new and slightly improved space!

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