Christmas eve headshots

So it's Christmas eve. It's hot as all hell and I really can't be bothered doing anything outdoors. Hit up a friend who is just getting into this whole strobist stuff and his wife and her friend would like to get some headshots done. Good thing we can do this at his house with the air conditioning on! Pretty simple set up with a pop up grey background and the jinbei HD610 on a C-stand. Must've been working with a 4m X 2m area!

Was a good time to try out the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 which I got second hand. The focal length is definitely better for closer headshots compared to the 85mm, but somehow it doesn't seem to be as sharp as many people claim this lens to be. Maybe the 85mm is so sharp and I'm so used to that. Not quite sure. I might chuck this thing on a tripod next time and turn the VR off to see if it helps. Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying it isn't sharp. Just not what I was expecting.

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