Boxing day shoot

It's Boxing Day today! The other half had to go to work at the museum, so that means I have the whole day to myself. Hit up Gav to see if he wanted to go and check out the local camera store (Michaels to be exact) to see if there's anything we can pick up at a discounted price. I knew he was looking for some stuff, and walking around camera stores is fun anyway. I did manage to pick up a 60cm Jinbei collapsible beauty dish and MAN, THIS THIS IS COMPACT! Well, compared to m y metal beauty dish anyway...

I have been looking through my headshots that I have made so far and I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any high-key ones. They were all mostly for creative types previously, so the dramatic headshots work ok for them. Gavin is a corporate I.T. type, and his selfie headshot took at a train station desperately needs updating. Perfect for testing this beauty dish out! Picked up my gear from home and set up in his living room and started shooting. Was out of there in less than an hour. The beauty dish is really easy to use and I love how compact it is for transport! Shot the shot below with his window blind as a backdrop, one jinbei hd610 through the jinbei softbox on camera right and a small reflector, clamped to a lightstand on camera left. Job done.

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