Quick and simple

So, I needed a portrait/headshot for a proposal that I'm putting together. I look through all my photos and all I have are iphone photos of me climbing! I can't use any of those for a professional document! Needed to get something done and done real quick. I remembered that a Indie, a good friend of mine had a little space where she shoots her clothing line. Quick phone call and time is set.

The space was really simple. White partition walls around 8ft and nothing else. Perfect! Set up the lights and funnily enough, when I was preparing the camera exposure and flash power etc, I made this!

The light on her was perfect! I just had to edit this photo and send it back to her for letting me use her space. All in all, I had the shots I needed and was packed and out of there again in an hour flat. I think I'll be using her space a lot more...

Oh and here's the one with my ugly mug.

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