Headshots Galore

Have been shooting with the little a6000 for almost half a year now and I've been doing a lot of strobist type shots with it. Because of this, I was confident enough to exclusively use the camera with a Sigma 60mm f/2.8 attached to shoot a job yesterday. That being said, the job was only to make headshots of a whole bunch of employees at Honda, Melbourne. I knew that as soon as I had the light set up and nailed down the settings with a couple of test shots, it would just be pumping them out. The camera held up really well, although I'm not sure if I'd be confident to bring this out to shoot a wedding. I think I might stick to my trusty Nikon D700 for that for now.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day and I have another session with the remaining peeps next week. It was great fun meeting all of them there and thanks again, for making it so pain free!

#Honda #Melbourne #sonya6000 #sony #ILCE6000 #headshots #portrait #CactusV6 #cactusRF50

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