A moment in Paradise

Well, I've just come home from a bouldering trip in Castle Hill, New Zealand and I must say, it has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. We were there about exactly a year ago and I wasn't really in the mood for making pictures. This time though, I went prepared. Having prior knowledge about the area helped a lot.

The boulder field in Castle Hill basin is basically a giant meadow with boulders everywhere. When I made photos on this trip, I wanted to not only show the amazing climbs to be had, but also how amazing it looks when you take a step back and put the location in its entirety into context. The climber, frozen in time, as part of the greater landscape.

#ILCE6000 #sonya6000 #climbing #bouldering #CastleHill #NewZealand #boulders #grass #meadows #landscape #CactusV6 #Strobist

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